We LOVE our retailer partners and are very grateful to all the independent garden centers, hardware and feed stores that have given MicroLife a chance. To date every store that has brought MicroLife in has been very successful with MicroLife.

We aim to keep you happy by always making the best fertilizers in the world. Everything we do is professional grade and we stamp each package as such. We never offer you a diluted product.

For new retailers coming on board, you will find that MicroLife will grow a legion of loyal customers that will increase with each season. This is because MicroLife delivers great results, will not burn plants and is completely safe around all beneficial life forms. Plus you have the confidence that each MicroLife is superbly made. Note that the Organic marketplace is growing by leaps and bounds and with MicroLife you get a complete Organic fertilizer and amendment product line to address all of your customer needs. Plus we never stop improving MicroLife. For example each of our granular products has the most complete beneficial microorganism package available and we are constantly adding new species. Not only does MicroLife.

grow out friendly indigenous soil microbes, we add billions and billions more with each bag. Our granulars come in either 40 lb beautiful, photographic film quality printed bags that are extremely tough and weather proof or in 7 lb plastic, reusable containers. Our liquids are also best in the business. We are the only company that uses Ecklonia maxima kelp combined with cold processed fish hydrolysate, humic/fulvic acid, tryptic soy agar and amino acids. The results are powerful and effective liquids. Please take a look at our spec sheets; there you will find the reason MicroLife always works so well.

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We started manufacturing MicroLife in 1988. It wasn’t easy back then but we persevered because the use of Organics is vital and essential. Along with producing the best organic fertilizers and amendments possible, we also support OHBA an educational non- profit that produces outstanding Organic seminars throughout the year. As well as continually giving talks, seminars, and speeches throughout the years about the benefits and cost effectiveness of Organics.