Definition – Organic Farmer; One who deeply cares about us and our planet. We love the Organic food industry and support it 100%. The growing of clean and nutrition food is of utmost importance to our future well-being as a species.

Organic farmers are heroes in our eyes and we believe that most of the world’s ills can be solved when foods are grown Organically. When this occurs are soils, plants, animals, environment and people are much healthier. We now have connected circles of solutions instead of connected circles of problems.

MicroLife is total health. All of our products have over 70 minerals and provide complete nutrition to all plants and soils. All MicroLife products are effective and safe. All MicroLife granular products are inoculated with billions of beneficial microbes to further accelerate plant growth and to speed along soil improvement.

Take a look at our liquid concentrates; there you will find unparalleled quality and nutrition. For example we use only Ecklonia maxima as our kelp source and only cold processed fish hydrolysate and then add humic/fulvic acid, molasses, an amino acid profile and tryptic soy agar. Need an inexpensive way to improve you farmland? Take a look at MicroLife Humates Plus or MicroLife Organic Haymaker.


We call these products ‘Concentrated Compost’ and can inexpensively provide you with long chain carbon molecules with beneficial microorganisms. Most recently we have developed MicroLife Crop Booster and MicroLife Amino Powered 12-1-2 (go to links) as low cost nutritional sprays.

Please note that we do not have OMRI certification on our products and have no immediate plans to do so.

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We started manufacturing MicroLife in 1988. It wasn’t easy back then but we persevered because the use of Organics is vital and essential. Along with producing the best organic fertilizers and amendments possible, we also support OHBA an educational non- profit that produces outstanding Organic seminars throughout the year. As well as continually giving talks, seminars, and speeches throughout the years about the benefits and cost effectiveness of Organics.