simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control


This product is highly effective in destroying broadleaf and grassy weeds in turf areas without harming the turfgrass. Agralawn is a desiccate made of cinnamon, baking soda, cumin and flour and Wow does it work quick. You’ll quickly see dead weeds in 12 hours. Excellent for killing Virginia Buttonweed in turf. This is the fastest, most complete and safest Organic herbicide we’ve seen. So what are the drawbacks? Well, it’s expensive and time consuming for large areas. For small areas it’s awesome.

Sizes Available: 2lb & 25lb

simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control

Orange Oil

Used to kill pest insects, as a general cleaner and disinfectant.

Botanical extract. One of the most versatile products available. Besides the above Orange Oil is used to repel insects inside/ outside the home and used as de-greaser. Pretty amazing stuff. Note – it is not listed with EPA as an insecticide. Like WD 40 and Tabasco Sauce, every home should have Orange Oil.

simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control

Molasses as an Insecticide?

Yes it’s true but you will not find any university studies on Molasses as an insecticide but the bottom-line is that Molasses is very effective against sucking insects like Lace Bugs, Aphids and White Flies. Why? Sticks their little wings together? Maybe but we think it’s because the Molasses raises the plant sap sugar content (Brix level) which pest insects dislike.

Outstanding for controlling soil pest insects like Fungal Gnats and Thrips, etc by causing a flash of bacterium to grow which then attacks the pest insects when they cycle in the soil.

Molasses also contains lots of minerals like Iron, Sulfur, Potassium, and Magnesium which is good for your plants and why Russian female weight lifters take it every day.

We put Molasses in all of our MicroLife products and only use Blackstrap Molasses when we bottle in liquid form.

simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control


Use to kill slugs and snails.

Sluggo is the best, cheapest and safest way to stop slugs and snails. The active ingredient is iron phosphate which is toxic to slugs and snails but is harmless to other life forms. Sluggo’s other ingredient is an organic bait that is very attractive to slugs and snails. Once the slugs and snails eat Sluggo they stop eating and die.

simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control

Garlic Barrier

Use to repel insects.

Botanical extract. Garlic Barrier repels over 100 pest insects. When plants are stressed the send out signals to pest insects; Garlic Barrier masks those signals. Garlic Barrier will also drive out mosquitos – pretty sweet deal. After spraying it will smell like garlic for a couple of hours so be prepared to get hungry. Very effective and inexpensive.

simple, Organic Insect / Disease / Weed Control

Mosquito Barrier

Use to drive mosquitoes away without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Botanical extract. Mosquito Barrier is 100% Garlic Oil that is mixed with water and sprayed everywhere in a given area. When done properly Mosquito Barrier will give you 21 -28 days of safe and effective mosquito control. Plus your Italian neighbors will love you.