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MicroLife Molasses

Plant Energy, Microbial Food, Quick Plant Stimulation, Anti Pest Insect.

We love Molasses and put it in almost everything we make. Molasses is sugar, sugar is carbon and carbon is the building block of all life. We also have learned that Molasses will provide a quick stimulation to plants when applied during their growing season. It appears to work like this; plants use the sun for their photosynthesis process which makes their plant food (sugar). Molasses is a way to directly apply sugar to the plants which they absorb through their leaves and roots. And as the brix (sugar) level is increased you see less pest insect problems. This is particularly effective for fighting sucking pest insects.

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also contains protein, B Vitamins and many minerals ie: Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper. It gets better; Molasses is great food source for beneficial soil bacteria and will help remediate salts and toxics from the soil. And if you have pest insects that cycle in the soil like Fungal Gnats, Thrips and Mealy Bugs; Molasses will do a great job of wiping them out.

Molasses is will not burn and is completely safe. Molasses is good for all plants and soils.


For all Plant and Soil Applications: 1 – 2 oz per gal of water.
Or 3 – 6 oz per 1,000 sq ft or 1 -2 gal per acre
both mixed with sufficient water for uniform coverage.

Sizes Available:

Gal • 55 gal Drum