MicroLife Natural Oil

A General Purpose Horticultural Oil, Spreader-Sticker and Surfactant


MicroLife Natural Oil is a multi-purpose horticultural oil made from soybean oil with natural emulsifiers added. Natural Oil is gentle on plants and is highly effective. Non-Ionic and we have seen little to no photo-toxicity even during Houston summers.

Natural Oil is designed to replace the more damaging petroleum based crop oils. A lot of people use Natural Oil as an Organic insecticide but please note…. it does not have an EPA label and we sell it as a spreader/sticker only.

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When spraying Natural Oil it is ideal to mix in our Super Seaweed and/or Garlic Oil to make it an even more effective, all around ‘Problem solver – health restorer-repellent’. USE MicroLife Natural Oil for All Plants.

Application Rates:

Rate: 2 oz per gal of water. Re-apply as necessary.

Sizes Available:



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