MicroLife New Earth

A totally unique, granulated Organic product from MicroLife. MicroLife New Earth is designed to quickly rehab distressed, abused and rough soils to make them productive for all types of plants. Start the genesis of soil life with MicroLife New Earth. A complete carbon loaded, life infused, mineral packed formula to restore health rapidly to Mother Terra.

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• Core base of Concentrated Carbon

• The most powerful bio-inoculant available

• 76 different species including 11 Mycorrhizal fungi

• Yucca wetting agent

• Select sugars

• Algae! 2 species – Scenedesmus & Anabaena

• 100+ Minerals, Root Stimulators, Plant Hormones & Vitamins

Use for New Landscapes & Turf Installations in Poor Soils, Chemically Abused Agriculture Land, Areas in Need of Bio-remediation, General Soil/Plant Improvement

Rate: 20 lb per 1,000 sq ft or 870 lb per acre