Molasses as an Insecticide?

Yes it’s true but you will not find any university studies on Molasses as an insecticide but the bottom-line is that Molasses is very effective against sucking insects like Lace Bugs, Aphids and White Flies. Why? Sticks their little wings together? Maybe but we think it’s because the Molasses raises the plant sap sugar content (Brix level) which pest insects dislike.

Outstanding for controlling soil pest insects like Fungal Gnats and Thrips, etc by causing a flash of bacterium to grow which then attacks the pest insects when they cycle in the soil.

Molasses also contains lots of minerals like Iron, Sulfur, Potassium, and Magnesium which is good for your plants and why Russian female weight lifters take it every day.

We put Molasses in all of our MicroLife products and only use Blackstrap Molasses when we bottle in liquid form.



2 oz per gal of water

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