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Reaching Further, Doing More

We the MicroLife Team are deeply committed to healing the world and providing a bright future now and for future generations. We are all about Mission.

We believe that healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy planet, and healthy people are all connected. As such we take great care in how we manufacture all of the MicroLife products. We make sure that all of our products have the highest nutritional value possible so that all soils, plants, and people benefit.

Truly, the story of Organics is really the story of nutrition. When you feed any organism the highest nutrition possible that organism, be it human, animal, plant or soil microbe, will hit its optimum potential and have less problems. Problems as we know are always expensive so why have them unnecessarily? It’s better to follow natural law.

MicroLife products follow natural law which means everything works smoother, more efficiently, is healthier and is less expensive. Thank you for visiting our web site. We have lots of great information to help you be hugely successful with Organics.

33 Year Battle-Tested Products

1988. That’s when we started manufacturing MicroLife. Our mission then is as it is today; to make the world’s best soil and plant food on the planet.

The History of MicroLife

We devote our lives to bringing to market the healthiest, most nutritious products for Landscape, Horticulture, Agriculture and Garden use. We believe that healthy humans begin with healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy animals.

MicroLife is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Jacinto Environmental Supplies, Houston, TX. San Jacinto Environmental Supplies is a privately held corporation owned by Joyce Serant and Mike Serant. San Jacinto started in 1984 by selling chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides; the very products we condemn today. Back then though, who knew? We were very successful in selling the junk fertilizers and toxic chemicals. Quickly though we recognized that something was seriously wrong and started to investigate why, when plants were fed with chemical fertilizers did they develop a need for pesticide sprays? After attending many chemical fertilizer dealer meetings and observations with our own eyes we realized that the chemical system was wrong, dead wrong!

In 1986 we began our search for true plant health so we could grow plants without the need for chemical poison sprays. That led us to the wonderful world of Organics and in 1988 MicroLife 6-2-4 was born and we have been manufacturing MicroLife ever since. It was very tough in the beginning and we met a lot of heroes along the way. Fortunately truth, wisdom and science prevailed and here we are 26 years later in the most exciting time in the Organic movement. The evil chemical empire is dying, long live the new business model of health and sustainability… Organics!



Mike Serant


Mike opened San Jacinto Environmental Supplies along with Mom, Joyce Serant, in 1984 as a Lawn and Garden wholesale distributor. In 1986 Mike started investigating Organics as a better way for professionals to maintain landscapes. In 1988 San Jacinto started manufacturing MicroLife. Since then Mike has dedicated his work career to educating professionals and homeowners alike to the great advantages that only Organics can bring to individual lives and society in general. Mike regularly teaches Organic lawn and garden care throughout the state. In 2004 Mike co-founded OHBA, a 501-c- 3, non-profit. OHBA is very unique, a one of a kind in all of America. Every year OHBA sponsors world class Organic horticulture education in a non-commercialized manner. Mike is married to Gail for 28 years and they have one son Michael who has joined the business. Outside of his career Mike pursues human health, abroad traveling and the reading of history. Favorite quote ‘Organics is the study of nutrition. When you give any organism the highest nutrition possible; that organism, be it soil microbes, plants or humans will achieve its optimum genetic expression. That means less problems and greater results.’

Greg Cooper


Greg joined San Jacinto Environmental Supplies in 1999. Since graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he has spent over 25 years in the landscape and horticulture industries developing expertise in organics and soil health. Greg believes healthy soils lead to beautiful plants, nutrient rich foods, and reduced maintenance problems. Passionate about sustainable design, he is dedicated to educating both professionals and consumers. Organizations across Texas and Louisiana value his insight and regularly invite him to speak at their events. Because of his commitment to environmentally healthy solutions, positive land management practices also became a driving interest. That pursuit has led Greg to become proficient in the use of permeable pavement, erosion and sediment control strategies, and geotextiles. This broad background makes him a significant part of San Jacinto’s management team. In addition to the valuable applications he sees partnering with clients to achieve healthy landscape goals, his wife and four children are a constant reminder to him of the importance of a safe, organic environment.

Joyce Serant 1929-2017


Joyce, Co-founded San Jacinto Environmental Supplies with son Mike Serant 1984 – as a lawn and garden wholesale supply company. Joyce was born in Brenham, Texas. She moved to Houston in 1937 where her father founded Old National Insurance Company. Joyce graduated from the University of Texas in 1950. She worked in the insurance industry until she and Mike entered the garden supply business. Her outside interests include reading, cooking, travel. Of her many travels, her favorite was to South Africa.

Ryan Laird


Since joining us in October 2017, Ryan has excelled as our Sales Manager, overseeing Regional and International Sales for MicroLife Organic Fertilizer. With over 15 years in the Horticulture industry and a Texas Certified Landscape Professional #803, Ryan brings invaluable expertise. In his multifaceted role, Ryan adeptly manages clients across various sectors, including Agriculture, Landscape, Horticulture, Retail, and Construction. His journey in the field began in 2009 with a prominent landscape design and maintenance company, where he steadily rose from a Crew member to eventually becoming Sales & Operations Manager while pursuing his education at the University of Houston from 2011 to 2015. With a proven track record in overseeing projects for residential and commercial properties in Houston, Ryan is committed to organic practices, supporting soil biology and implementing regenerative techniques for healthy soils. Beyond his professional achievements, Ryan actively engages with volunteer organizations like TNLA, OHBA, and The Texas Social Club World Champion BBQ Team. His diverse interests include football, plant cultivation, drones, and quality time outdoors with his wife Taylor and their two children, Sawyer & Blake.

Lanse Fullinwider


The son of a Naval officer, Lanse moved every two years of his life until attending the University of Tennessee Knoxville where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design. Post-college work included garden centers and landscape companies until marrying a Texan 1989 and moving to Dallas. Lanse managed the grounds at the University of North Texas for the next 26 years overseeing a highly complex 450 acre, 37000 student campus which included 35 acres of manicured NCAA and Rec Sports fields, over 4000 trees, 110 irrigation systems, and many building landscapes. Lanse joined Microlife late in 2016 to share the benefits of organics vs. chemicals with those that want to make a difference each and every day! He is more than willing to share his extensive background in small to industrial-sized landscape site management, and help you create healthy landscapes for your clients, school grounds, parks, wineries or farms!

Sara Wissinger


Sara joined the MicroLife team in June 2017. She grew up on the East Coast playing lacrosse and graduated with her B.S. in Marketing and Certificate in Product Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. She is in charge of all things Marketing for MicroLife & San Jacinto Environmental Supplies including digital & print media, social media, public relations, strategic marketing plan development, and event coordination. She is on the Board of Directors for OHBA, an Organic Education Focused 501-c-3 Non-Profit Organization where she leads all Marketing efforts. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, the great outdoors, dog walks & exercising.

Elvira Martinez


Elvira is a native Texan, spent 13 years in the Northwest Pacific, Washington State to be precise, running a business in the agriculture farming industry. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business and has more than 20 years’ experience. Her hobbies include baking, interior design and traveling. Even though she has only been to Canada and Mexico and several States she looks forward to traveling overseas one day. She has one daughter, her name is Stephanie, she just graduated from The University of Houston this year and majored in History and Psychology. Favorite quote: They say the seeds of what we will do are in all of us, but it always seemed to me that in those who make jokes in life the seeds are covered with better soil and with a higher grade of manure.

Darren A. Pearson


Darren is a graduate of Sam Houston State University and works with San Jacinto as an outside controller. Darren spent his college years working in and around small businesses in positions of management and upon graduation he successfully founded, grew, and sold his own small business. In 2007, he joined a local accounting firm in Houston, TX and he is heavily involved in the operations management, business advisory, and tax matters of his business clients. Darren grew up and still resides in the West Houston area and outside of the accounting world he enjoys watching and playing sports and loves a good beach vacation.