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Everything we do is professional grade; nothing is diluted or cheapen for homeowner use. We stamp each product professional grade. When you buy MicroLife you are buying the finest soil and plant health products possible.

Please take a look at our spec sheets and you’ll see why MicroLife excels for all lawns, all gardens, all plants and all food crops. We believe that healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy planet and healthy people are all tied together. You can’t have one without the other. With MicroLife it’s all about being an asset to your life and helping you have greater joy and greater landscape success without causing harm or polluting your home eco-system.

With MicroLife you’ll enjoy greater plant beauty, have more productive (and healthier) food crops, have less plant problems, have more time for enjoyment, save water cost and have landscapes that cost less money. A quick word about growing your food Organic ~ If nothing else is Organic about your lawn and garden please make sure your food crops are all Organic. This is critically important as is buying clean Organic foods from local Farmer Markets and at your

supermarket. You want your food to be highly nutrition and safe from the poisons used in chemical agriculture. Another great benefit is that you food will taste better as healthier crops have a greater expression of flavonoids which is why the top chefs want Organic foods. Better taste, better health; that’s a great combination.

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      We started manufacturing MicroLife in 1988. It wasn’t easy back then but we persevered because the use of Organics is vital and essential. Along with producing the best organic fertilizers and amendments possible, we also support OHBA an educational non- profit that produces outstanding Organic seminars throughout the year. As well as continually giving talks, seminars, and speeches throughout the years about the benefits and cost effectiveness of Organics. 

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