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MicroLife Acidifier 6-2-4

The perfect fertilizer for all azaleas, roses and acid loving plants.

An especially designed fertilizer for the care and maintenance of Azaleas. It was developed in conjunction with Mr. Bart Brechter, Garden Curator of the fabulous Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston, Texas. MicroLife Acidifier 6-2-4 is outstanding nutrition for all plants that want a low pH environment. Contains extra Sulfur (14%) and Humates to bring out the true health and true beauty of your Azaleas, Roses and Acid Loving Plants.

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  • The perfect fertilizer for all acid loving plants that want a pH of 5.0–7.0
  • Works exceedingly well as turfgrass fertilization.
  • Excellent for offsetting high pH & sodic irrigation water & soils.
  • Developed in conjunction with Bart Brechter, Garden Curator of Bayou Bend Gardens.
  • Provides extra Sulfur, extra Humates over 100+ minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon and protein plus billions of beneficial microorganisms per bag including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi.
  • 100% slow release, 2% Iron, 14% Sulfur, will not burn and completely safe for all life forms.


  • Building beds and gardens: 40 lb per 1,000 sq ft worked into the soil
  • Top dressing of ornamentals and gardens: 20–40 lb per 1,000 sq ft. Repeat every 3–4 months.
  • Turfgrass: 20 lb per 1,000 sq ft. Repeat every 3–4 months