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MicroLife Bio-Matrix 7-1-3

High Strength All Organic Fertilizer and ‘Compost Tea’

Bio-Matrix is a totally one-of-a-kind fertilizer. We use plant and fish amino acids, other select organic ingredients and add 378,000,000 microbial CFU’s per gallon representing 39 different microbial species. You get an incredible nutritional power punch along with a huge microbial inoculation. Bio-Matrix 7-1-3 is excellent to use for all plants. Bio-Matrix 7-1-3 has a very long shelf life for a liquid fertilizer/bio-inoculant (18 months). This and the use of amino acids makes Bio-Matrix completely unique.

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The special one-of-a-kind Bio-Matrix 7-1-3 is formulated using the following ingredients: Ecklonia Maxima Kelp, Potassium Humate, Calcium Phosphate, 21 different Amino Acids, a variety of Polypeptides, Natural Sugars, Enzymes and 39 different beneficial microorganisms. No heat is used during the manufacturing process to ensure the purity of ingredients.

Bio-Matrix 7-1-3

will not burn and is completely safe. All plants and soils benefit from using Bio-Matrix 7-1-3.

Application Rates:

Foliar: 2 oz per gal of water. Or by the 1,000 sq ft; 6 – 8 oz mixed with sufficient water.
Re-apply every 2 – 4 weeks Root Feeding: 2 oz per gal of water. Soak root system well.
Deep Root Feeding of Trees: 1 – 2 gal per 100 gal of water. Inject on a 2.5 ‘grid.

Sizes Available:

Quart • Gal • 55 gal Drum • 275 gal Tote