MicroLife Organics are the best performing fertilizers and amendments made.

Our products use only the most nutritious and natural products possible. We are constantly searching the world for the latest in technology and ingredients so you always get optimum performing Organic fertilizers and amendments. We are about mission over profits. Your satisfaction and repeat business is very important to us as is a bright sustainable future. We believe in the goodness of humankind and the protection of our home, Earth.

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The MicroLife Organic product line has been in continuous production since 1988, 26 years of battle tested performance. With the use of MicroLife you will get –

  • More beautiful, healthier plants and soils
  • Landscapes, gardens and farms that are easier to maintain
  • Financial savings as you reduce the need for water
  • Healthier growing as chemical pesticides are eliminated
  • Products that are completely safe and highly effective

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