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All MicroLife products are professional grade. Meaning we do not fool around with quality. We give you the best soil and plant nutrition possible. Just look at our specification sheets and you will see why MicroLife excels and is your best buy. Call or email anytime, we have been working with contractors for 30 + years.

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We take our responsibility to you very seriously as we do for all MicroLife users. We make products that will cause your lawn and gardens to soar and are completely safe for you, children and pets. And if you happen to use too much or spill a little product, no worries as MicroLife will never burn or harm plants.

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We love Organic farmers, your mission is vitally important to us all. All MicroLife products are the best there are terms of soil and plant nutrition. When you apply MicroLife products, which have over 70 + minerals, the minerals make the plant more resistant to problems, have better taste and are healthier for your buyers.

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All of products that we offer to you are professional grade. Each container no matter how small is stamped as such. We never dilute our products to homeowners. As such each MicroLife product performs exceedingly well and will build strong customer loyalty to you.

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Click here to view the entire MicroLife product line. Inside you’ll find access to each product’s complete specifications. Therein lays the secret of MicroLife’s success; The superb quality and completeness of the ingredients we use.

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Your happiness and success with Organic is very important. Here you will find guides, booklets, fertilizer schedules, Organic problem solving and videos. Contain is a wonderful array of solid information from 30 years of Organics practice.

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