As we increasingly find out Organic landscape and garden management saves money. It is NOT expensive as the chemical proponents advocate.


In addition to healthier and more productive plants; in addition to safer environments; in addition to reduced pest insect, disease and weed problems; Organics save water. With the global, national and local water shortage finally getting attention, the use of Organics is soaring.


Here’s how it works:

By following natural law, science, we increase the microbial populations in the soil. They in turn improve water infiltration, water holding capacity and increase the plant root depth and size. Please see images below:


Note, the increase in organic matter is easily measured and each 1% increase equals an additional 20,000 gallons of water stored in your soil for each water event! That’s a lot of water. In Houston TX based on our water cost (and the cost of water is only going up) that equals to an annual savings of $3,000 per acre per year.

That is a lot of extra money going back to property owners be it homes, commercial sites or institutions. To get that $3,000 per acre savings annually the property owner DOSE NOT spend anywhere close to that. Organics gives real money back to the land owner.

A simple program to follow is 2 – 3 applications of a quality Organic fertilizer (make sure it doesn’t contain poultry manure), 1-2 applications of granular Humates. As your soils improve remember to turn down your irrigation.