Lakes and Ponds need oxygen to be healthy. Aerators provide that oxygen. With proper aeration, you have a beautiful, healthy Eco-system without problems. Without aeration, your lakes and ponds can quickly turn on you becoming an unsightly, smelly mess incapable of supporting aquatic life.

Advantages of a Good Aeration System

  • Win the war on Algae control
  • Eliminates the need to use chemicals
  • Water features are an asset, not a liability
  • Keeps irrigation systems operating efficiently
  • Stops filters and valves from clogging
  • Reduces maintenance cost

San Jacinto offers mechanical aerators from two leading manufactures. They will give your water a good supply of oxygen and years of service. By using, our aerators you will have high quality water and will eliminate stagnate water, foul odors, pond scum and fish kills.