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MicroGro Liquid AF

Put natural biology to work for you

A Very Powerful, Liquid, LIVE, All Organic Bio-Inoculation to safely and effectively outcompete harmful soiland leaf pathogens. MicroGro Liquid AF contains 8 extremely dominating beneficial microbes that will live in the soil or on the leaves to provide plant protection. Use as preventative or to solve a problem. Shelf stabilized for 18 months. THIS IS NOT A FUNGICIDE BUT IT WORKS, IS SAFE AND DOES NOT HAVE AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON BENEFICIAL MICROORGANISMS.

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• Streptomycetes lydicus

• Streptomycetes griseus

• Trichoderma viride

• Trichoderma harzianum

• Bacillus subtilis

• Bacillus licheniformis

• Bacillus pumilus

• Bacillus megaterium

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: As a general rule, mix 2 oz of MicroGro Liquid AF with 2 oz of Molasses to a gallon of water. Drench the soil or foliar spray the leaves. Repeat weekly until the problem is solved.