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MicroLife Cactus & Succulent 3-7-3

Exceptional Liquid Organic Fertilizer For All Cacti & Succulents

MicroLife Cactus & Succulent 3-7-3 liquid concentrated Organic fertilizer is carefully researched and designed to bring out the best in our little friends. All the bases are covered here to properly feed your awesome cacti & succulents and to support the wonderful microbial soil community.

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• Amazing nutrition for all Cactus & Succulents

• Contains a 100 + minerals, vitamins and natural stimulators

• Supports a healthy soil microbial community

• No heat is used in the manufacturing process

• Builds a strong structural system

• Completely safe


Soil Drench: Add 2 oz to a gallon of water and apply liberally to the soil area. Excellent for increasing and maintaining plant health.

Large Areas: Add 2 oz per gallon of water and spray the leaves directly.