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MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6

New Installations, Top Dressing of Ornamentals, Flowers and Food Crops

This is the most powerful, most nutritional fertilizer possible yet will not burn. 100% slow release, an ‘Organic Osmocote’ but with over 100 + nutrients, minerals, vitamins, natural plant hormones, natural plant stimulators, essential sugars/amino acids/carbon/protein and billions of beneficial microbes representing 76 different species. In addition the extra NPK punch we drop in extra rock minerals so this product will rock with goodness. Awesome for all new plant starts. You will not need anything else to get your plants started.

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MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6

is an extremely powerful, homogenous, granulated All Organic Biological fertilizer containing: Fish, Kelp, Molasses, Emery Humates, Bat Guano, Rock Phosphate, Wheat Middling’s, Soy Meal, Cottonseed Meal, Alfalfa, Corn Meal, Kmag, Potassium Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, 18 select Amino Acids, Folic Acid, Vitamins, plus the MicroGro Supreme Bio-Inoculant package which contains billions of beneficial microorganisms including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi. All ingredients are included in meaningful amounts.

MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6

improves all soils by feeding the indigenous microbes, adding billions more, by providing specific soil improvers like polysaccharides, humic acid, fulvic acid and the major building blocks of life. MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6 builds big root systems which further improves the soil and reduces water use.


Building Beds and Gardens: 40 lb per 1,000 sq ft worked into the soil Top Dressing of Ornamentals: 20 – 40 lb per 1,000 sq ft.
Repeat every 3 – 4 months
Turfgrass: 12 – 15 lb per 1,000 sq ft
Tree installations and Containers: 2.5 oz per 5 gal size

Sizes Available:

7 lb • 40 lb • Ton 50/40 lb