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The Resetting Of Humanity By Mike Serant

There exists, right now, a great chance to re-set humanity towards a healthier pathway. That deeply involves using Organics in all aspects of our lives. Organics is a reverence for all of God’s creation. Organics is about respect for each other, the planet we inhabit and ourselves. Organics are based on 3 key foundations – Must be ethical, must follow the laws of science and must be based on nutrition. These 3 foundational principles complement each other. All major religions have a quote similar to this, ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. With that in mind, we do not hurt each other, hurt our home or hurt ourselves. Certainly, chemical pesticides and the disastrous US food policy are causing irreparable harm to humans and our planet. But we can get past this and simply build a better world. All chemical pesticides weaken the human immune system and damage our home, Earth.

Processed foods and foods with poisons on them further weaken the human iamune system. Thus, we become more susceptible to mental and physical illnesses. We see the consequences of that every day. We should not be so angry as a country or so ill as a nation. With Organics, we see a superior way to live. Eating clean, healthy, nutritious foods, communing with Nature and the appreciation of creation. Within creation we see great diversity and we need diversity to bring fullness to life. Natural order does not seek monoculture. Think of the complexity of your gut microbiome or the myriad of plants in a healthy grassland prairie.

The MicroLife Newsletter is designed to provide the science and rational behind Organics and show how loving and magnificent Mother Nature truly is. Nature is constantly communicating with us, wanting to heal us all, surely and freely. Let us embrace her. Let all of us grow and consume proper food. Organics can feed the world. And, we want all people well nourished. With proper foods and an embracing of Nature, we can change who we are and what we are to become.



Mike Serant



Foliar Spraying to Rocket Your Plants Health

To achieve maximum production from your plants, add foliar feeding to your plant care program. Start by applying a slow release, foundational base of granular nutrition to the soil like quality Organic fertilizers, amendments & compost. The nature of their composition means a continuous feed for 3 months or longer plus extended soil improvement. Next, as time & budget allows, foliar spray your plants until the point of heavy drip off the leaves every 1–4 weeks. All plants will benefit from this. Most people concentrate their foliar sprays to their flowers, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and small trees. All turfgrasses & pasture grasses will excel too if you have the equipment to spray the areas. Foliar spraying is highly effective, & the plant response is quick because the method of delivery. It’s very fast and easy to do.

You spray nutrition directly on to the plant leaves where the nutrients quickly enter the plant through the plant stomates. Stomates on plants are like skin pores on humans. They are open passageways that allow the absorption and release of gasses & liquids. Once the foliar nutrition hits the leaves surface, the nutrients are quickly translocated throughout the plant in just minutes. This means a rapid restoration or enhancement of plant health. Note though, while the effects of liquids are very fast the effects also diminish rather soon too. That is why in the article’s beginning, it stated to always use a quality Organic granular program as your base & liquids as a supplement. Imagine yourself eating a dinner of grilled salmon, Caesar salad and steamed broccoli as your main meal but still taking D3, Zinc & Vitamin C as supplements to give you that extra boost of health.

Now it starts to get even more interesting. We are just now learning that foliar sprays can boost the plant’s photosynthesis efficiency. WOW Oh WOW. This discovery is almost overwhelming. Most plants have a photosynthesis efficiency of 15%–20%. Imagine double or tripling that.

With greater PS efficiency, more plant sugars are made, which is the biggest driver of plant health. That means everything. More growth, more production, less problems & it gets even better. As more plant food is made, more plant sugars go out of the plant roots as exudates which further increases soil microbial populations. With larger number of beneficial soil microbes, soil health is additionally accelerated, & the plant grows even better. What a win-win situation.


In the above image you see listed 4 of the best products to use for foliar plant/soil enhancement. You can buy them separately or look for products that contain all 4 together. In any event, you can’t lose with foliar supplements & your gardens will perform superbly!


How Times Have Changed By Jeff Lowenfels


Next to his trusty dandelion fork, my father’s favorite gardening tool was a big, steam, soil sterilizer. In his day, when it came to growing plants and basically anything else, the presence of fungi and bacteria was always bad so soil needed to be sterilized to make sure there weren’t any. If I only had a few moments to explain why he was wrong, what would I tell my Dad?


I would start with a discussion of the purpose of photosynthesis. Dad was taught all energy from sunlight was used to make roots, leaves and flowers and then, blessedly, tomatoes. We know now that actually 50% or more of thesun’s energy is used by the plant to produce exudates. These sugar and carbon molecules are released into the soil where they attract bacteria and fungi to the rhizosphere around the roots. Then I would explain that in order to survive, these rhizospheric microbes he was killing off, make and release substances that repel or kill predators. They have evolved to also ward off or destroy pathogens trying to attack the host plant. The plant can and does, actually signal the microbes when being attacked, and the microbes react to ward them off. If they don’t, the plant upon which they rely might die and so will they!


More important, these fungi and bacteria graze on the plant’s exudates, but they really survive on organic matter found in the soil. They have to break this matter down in order to ingest what they need to make the enzymes and cellular components necessary to live. What Dad’s teachers didn’t know so he wasn’t taught, is that when a fungus or bacterium is attacked by a predator or when one simply dies, the ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, and sulfate compounds, (among others), produced inside the bacteria or fungi to use for internal parts and to function, are released into the soil. These compounds are no longer locked up as they were while in organic molecules, but rather are now in a form that plants can easily take up and use.


So when Dad sterilized his soil, microbes were not there to be attracted by exudates. They were not there to react to plant signals asking for help. And, where were those nutrients the plant needed? Still locked up in those organic particles. This meant that Dad had work to do. The plant did not get protection unless Dad provided it and, unless Dad fed the plant,


organics reduce water use


The use of Organics benefits you, your landscapes and gardens in many ways that are vastly superior to the chemical approach. In this article we are visiting about the tremendous water savings you get by using Organics. And, by using Organics to save water you get all the other major benefits like a safe environment, less weeds, less problems in general and healthier growth.


The chemical lawn approach will never, ever save water use because it destroys the very thing that makes enhanced water conservation possible, the soil microbes. With fine quality Organics like MicroLife 6-2-4 and MicroLife Humates Plus, we feed the indigenous microbes and add billions more. These beneficial allies re-shape the soil that makes water conservation achievable. The images illustrate the two different approaches:


Clearly, Organics are superior. By working with the soil microbes instead of killing them, we have clay soils converting into more friable loam. That means applied water, either rain (which is scarce during the Summer) or irrigation water, enters into the soil easier. Because the soil is looser, plants grow bigger roots which enables them to find more water. Lastly, the microbes increase the organic matter which store water for later use.

By the continued use of Organics, you’ll create underground water detention areas and store vast amounts of water that the plants can use at a later date.

Organics allows for deep, infrequent watering. This helps in 3 ways:

  1. Less water is used
  2. Bigger roots
  3. More water stored

Healthier soil, healthier plants, safer environments and water savings! Clearly, Organics are the only way to go.


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