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MicroLife Mycorrhizal Plus

Mycorrhizal Plus is a one stop shop for all of your new and existing planting needs.

  • Grow healthier plants with bigger roots
  • Add essential microbes
  • Improve your soil
  • Strong plant growth
  • Build plant immunity

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MicroLife Mycorrhizal Plus

The most complete and strongest bio inoculant package for all new and existing plantings.

  • Probiotics that accelerate all plants & improve all soils
  • 11 strains of Mycorrhizal fungi & 65 strains of beneficial microbes on a Humate, Seaweed, Yucca base
  • Plants will grow bigger and healthier roots than ever before
  • Completely safe and will not burn


4 lb per 100 sq ft mixed into the soil 1"—3"

Where can I use it?

Transplant 4" pot: 1 teaspoon, 1 gal pot 1 oz
Top dressing turfgrass: 4 lb per 100 sq ft, water in well
Work into new beds prior to planting: 4 lb per 100 sq ft mixed into the soil 1"—3"

Size Avaliable

9 lb jar • 40 lb bag • 108 lbs Case of 12/9 lb jars