Right now our planet has 7.2 billion people. Barring an unforeseen catastrophic event, in 30 years we will have 12 billion, 12 years after that, the Human population will double again to 24 billion.

2007: Earth’s population is 7.2 billion

2037: Earth’s population doubles to 14 billion people

2059: Earth’s population doubles again to 28 billion

Unfortunately, our available resources do not double as well. In fact, each year we have less and less available resources. For example, when the World’s population doubles in 2029 to 12 billion we will only have 1/3 the available farmland that we do now.

A study by Cornel University Professor David Pimental stated that the world’s carrying capacity for providing a middle-class standard of living for all on a permanent basis is a population of 2 billion.

What are we going to do?

If we want quality of life to continue, and even greater quality than we have now, we have to change the way we live. Change is inevitable. Just what kind of change is up to us. We either degenerate into a toxic polluted sick world with zero quality of life, massive starvation and early painful deaths. Or we enter into an enlightenment era.

The choice is up to us.

It is imperative that each and every one of us becomes an environmental management leader so that we can build wonderful lives for ourselves, our children and future generations. We must learn to manage our planet correctly and then teach others.

This is where organics come in.

By following the Laws of Science, we can have a bountiful, plentiful world. Organics, each and every time is economically the most feasible, biologically the most correct and ethically the most true. We now have volumes of scientific data, economic models and long term operations to prove that.

For example, Organics improve soil structure thereby conserving our precious water. Another example, Organics improves soil structure, binding the soil together to prevent soil erosion. The Rocky Mountain Institute states that of all the resources that are threatened to be depleted, their greatest fear is the loss of topsoil, which takes thousands of years to create. Organics prevents that erosion.

Right now, the majority of food and water we consume and the air we breathe is of poor quality, which is causing us to have unnecessary mental and physical health problems. Birth defects rise 15% each and every year. All of this is society’s cost as is the cost to clean up our toxic messes.

The pain, misery and economic cost of a chemical world just doesn’t make sense by any standard.

Our Landscape Industry can have a powerful influence on a positive future. As the late Grady Wadsworth often stated, Landscaping improves the world with each and every plant. All futurists agree. Cities must have Landscaping to provide for spiritual, mental, and physical well being. And, those Landscapes must be maintained organically and our foods must be grown organically. As professionals educate their client base and they see the spectacular results that can only come with organics then they start to educate in their sphere of influence which leads to even more educators and so on.

We then apply the organic philosophy, which in essence is “A Reverence for Life, All Life” to all of our activities. All of sudden we’re building better, planning better, living better. We develop a complete intolerance for greed, ignorance and stupidity and actively oppose it. So we can see that organics, the reverence for life must, be our future if we want a future worth living.