Last summer, we collectively scanned the skies in search of the promise of rain. The landscape of Houston was drastically changed, as millions of trees were lost to drought and the resulting wildfires. Local farmers struggled to keep their crops, and we, we struggled to keep our lawns. Though this summer has already brought more rain than we saw all last season combined- we are still far away from reversing the damage done by the drought of 2011. But one Houston man is optimistic about our future.

Meet Mike Serant, creator and manufacturer of Microlife, a top-quality organic fertilizer created specifically for the Gulf Coast region, and safe for humans and pets. Mike is also acting president of the Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance (OHBA) here in Houston, and he’s been in the trenches for nearly 30yrs trying to educate people on the benefits of organics, and ultimately do away with chemical fertilizers.

“Organics is simple- it’s really about nutrition. When you feed any life form proper nutrition- that life form grows with little help from us. To have a sustainable future, we must ask ourselves: How do we have a quality of life with the minimum of resources? And the answer is always nutrition. Just like fast food is for us- chemicals are shallow calories for plants. Fast food causes mal-nutrition, chemical fertilizers cause poor soil and plant nutrition. That’s why the use of organics is so important in our lawns, in our homes and in our lives.”

So how, exactly, is Mike going about this mission to turn Houston organic one lawn at a time? It’s called Microlife Academy- and it’s all about education. A healthier Earth begins with the soil. At Microlife Academy, you get all the tools you need to have the lawn and gardens of your dreams- naturally and without the use of chemicals. It’s the first step to getting your honorary PHD in green. To start off this summer season, Mike is releasing two projects with Microlife Academy: Plant Houston Organic and Organics 101.

planthoustonorgnic_tile1Plant Houston Organic is an educational brochure, and an organic planting guide. You’ll discover what plants work best in our environment, what drought tolerant plants work best, and, most importantly- how switching to organic products can ultimately save on water costs- and save water.

“Water is a precious commodity. Right now, there is not enough water available for humans based on our present rate of consumption. We must change, we have to become more conservative. We need landscapes, plants are essential to life. And landscapes need water. So how do we accomplish both? Organics. Organics simply help soil conserve water. Chemicals never will”, Mike explains.

You’ll also find a series of video blogs on the Microlife Academy page- Organics 101. Each week, Mike will release another video blog, with subjects ranging from The History of Our Addiction to Chemicals to Organic Pest Control. Don’t miss an episode!